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E for Ezurin - Bahia

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✨ BAHIA ✨  

 Bahia is a northeastern Brazilian state with varied terrain, from tropical coast to the desertlike Sertão region. Capital Salvador is known for its historic center, Pelourinho, rich with 17th-century colonial architecture and perched above Baía de Todos os Santos (All Saints’ Bay). The city’s annual Carnaval celebration brings together flamboyantly costumed dancers with samba and axé music for a massive street party.

 The Exclusive Design with love by Ezurin Khyra for you. Scarfing these Versatile and Vibrant Scarfs now.

 Made in Klcity. 






MATERIAL : Premium Cotton Voile

SIZE : 46 x 46

PRINT : HD Sharp And Focus LaserJet NanoPrint

FINISHING : Strong Finish Baby Seams


#EforALL #EzurinKhyra #Scarfing #Scarf

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