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E for Ezurin - Milan

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✨ Milan ✨  

Milan is known for the majestic Duomo Cathedral, the outstanding opera La Scala, the medieval Sforza Castle, and the dazzling Vittorio Emanuele II shopping arcade. Its historical, cultural, and architectural landmarks, as well as extraordinary fashion and culinary scenes, make the Italian city world-famous. a metropolis in Italy's northern Lombardy region, is a global capital of fashion and design. Home to the national stock exchange, it’s a financial hub also known for its high-end restaurants and shops. The Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral and the Santa Maria delle Grazie convent, housing Leonardo da Vinci’s mural “The Last Supper,” testify to centuries of art and culture.


These inspiration translated into a piece of art by Ezurin Khyra exclusively for you. Scarfing these Versatile and Vibrant Scarfs now.


Made in Klcity. 





MATERIAL : Premium Cotton Voile

SIZE : 46 x 46

PRINT : HD Sharp And Focus LaserJet NanoPrint

FINISHING : Strong Finish Baby Seams


#EforALL #EzurinKhyra #Scarfing #Scarf

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